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Gender Pay Reports: Your reputation is at risk of real damage.

We deliver clarity and transparency, where previously there was confusion and complexity.

In the media there is a lot of misinformation and disinformation. Fake news.  

Gender Pay Reports and Equal Pay claims can be a real issue.

Our Predictive Pay Analysis addresses the issues with evidence



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Gender Pay - Clarity is needed

The media interpretation of Gender Pay Reporting, has led to many serious misunderstandings of fact. We provide honest and superior analysis.
The lack of clarity of Board level pay, and significant discrepancies are quite misunderstood. Females are rarely being discriminated against - they rarely seek the jobs right at the top of businesses.
The production of genuine evidence about pay differences will allow everyone to be more informed, and able to hold opinions based on fact, not prejudice.
Analysis usually shows pay to be proportional to responsibility, hard work, commitment, and generation of organisation benefit. 
UK Government Requirements

The Government requirements for reporting are onerous - in principle the requirement is straightforward - but when you uncover peculiar answers, then the work has to really start.   Fundamentally, your payroll data is analysed into quartiles - put the list in pay amount order, then take the top 25% of the name as the top quartile, the next 25% as the upper mid-quartile, etc. 

The idea of reporting pay merely by gender - is leading to a complete misunderstanding of what is in the data, and how to interpret the summaries. 
Each quartile contains individuals with skills ranging from Solicitors to Bricklayers, or Senior Managers with 500 staff to a Sales person who had a great year (say).  It is very clear that where organisations employ more than (say) 200, just analysing payroll data by quarter is completely inadequate.  There has to be a more evidence based approach. 

Many organisations require a large number of relatively low paid staff (for instance in  administration, sales back office, or call centres) and as these roles can offer greater flexibility of working arrangements (especially in the number of hours worked), many women and some men take up these roles even when their skills are at a higher level.  Understanding the evidence is crucial. 

Board Room Pay explained

Recently in 2018, there is increasing pressure from many parties (government lobbying groups, or shareholder groups) for companies and other large organisations to be very explicit about what employees - especially Directors - earn. The causes of the pay differentials are now being investigated and numerous pressure groups seek transparency.  With the Predictive Pay Analysis, this issue is solved clearly and easily. 

Many individuals believe that pay is determined without reference to responsibility, authority, ownership, or sentient decisions. Our Predictive Pay Analysis proves and shows how pay is affected by different key variables - and we are able to compare and contrast different industries, and the different sizes of organisation. 

Our Predictive Pay Analysis reliably identifies your drivers of pay, and shows the composition of pay for your staff. 

Predictive Pay Analysis Advanced Reporting Options

When you and your colleagues see the valuable information we produce, gleaned from comparing two sets of your data (with minimal specialist extra information), you will want to understand more, and consider if you are running risks unknowingly.  The Predictive Pay Analysis does this. 

Take advantage of the analysis within our Gender Pay Analysis  - 

- Gender 
- Ethnicity
- Complex Skills
- High Pay
- PLC/Partner Pay
- Multi-national 

You choose how much information you require. We deliver it for you in an unbiased, knowledgeable and audit-able manner.

Equal Pay for Employers- a reliable analysis

We work with firms who wish use a reliable, non-biased, statistically based system which is understandable, transparent and reliable. 

If your Equal Pay Audit started off with the purpose of being "fair" - then it was flawed. The objective must be "Truth". Our systematic approach of Predictive Pay Analysis establishes the real facts and is able to take account of local and wider role characteristics. 

Within the base approach, we take up to ten of the most important characteristics of each role, whilst excluding any personal performance traits. This can be extended to include extra characteristics such as location, convenience, unsocial hours and other important items that genuinely affect pay. 

Using the statistical analysis method, this produces the genuine, optimised, unbiased, non-partisan, statistically relevant prediction of the weighting of each characteristic. This explains Pay Differences in local terms, and allows individuals to understand the detail of how pay is composed and why pay levels are different, between what may appear to be similar roles.

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